Back to Nature Ecotourism

If you are looking for the most hidden place in Bukit Lawang, in the middle of nature, surrounded by the North Sumatran rainforest and it’s wildlife inhabitants, our eco-friendly Back To Nature Guesthouse or Back to Nature Jungle Camp is the perfect place for you!

To get to our guesthouse, our friendly staff will pick you up from the village car park, carry your luggage and guide you along a trek leading up the Bahorok river, that Aca, the owner has built himself over a period of 3,5 years. (Every day people would pass by and ask him the same question: “Are you tired?” But nobody every helped he said Aca has dedicated his life to save and preserve the natural habitat of the Orang Utans, Sumatran Tigers and Honey bears and all habitants of the  BukitLawang rainforest in North Sumatra.)

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