Activities at Back To Nature


  1. from the waterfall to the Bukit Lawang 10 euros / person

  2. from the waterfall to the Bukit Lawang + Bat Cave 15 euros / person

      * include: Fruit salad

  1. Trekking in our forests + Fruit Salad 200,000 IDR / person

  2. Steam and Massage 150,000 IDR / person
         the length of time to steam 20 minutes and
         for massage duration 60 minutes

  3. Cooking Class with our chefs 50,000 IDR / Menu You Can Choose Cuisine
    What You Love On Our Menu List

  4. Barbeque chicken or fish for dinner on the beach 75,000 IDR / person

  5. Plant a Tree In the garden ………. / …………..
         * We already provide Seedlings

  6. You Also Can Make a documentary film in our private forests
          and you can work with staff in the back to nature

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