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              The natural beauty of Mount Leuser not only in the diversity of flora and fauna as well as the jungle is still awake, but still have the beauty and the uniqueness of others. one of which is that there are some caves that had an attraction for some tourists, both domestic and foreign. And here for those of you who are curious and really has a love of nature you can also perform the following additional activities, which have also been included in a sport of nature.

Of the following will probably give a little guidance on the activities of this wilderness.

1. Enjoy the beauty of the earth and feel the eternal darkness

Caving is not the wild adventure of the famous popular Among the general public in activities like mountain climbing or rock climbing. If you climb a mountain or rock climbing take you to see the beautiful scenery of the high places, caving will take you explore the narrow alleys in the basement to enjoy the natural beauty that is different from the eternal darkness that is stored in the earth.

Why is called the eternal darkness, chambers instead of in a cave deep underground had never had exposure to direct sunlight, so that all the time darkness only one who was there.

What can we do in the dark? Barely there, the darkness will Make our movement is limited, therefore, to perform activities of caving, you need headlamp as a tool of illumination. In addition, You also need a lot of safety equipment such as protective headgear (helmets), Appropriate clothing waterproof or easy to dry (usually no special wearpack), special shoes, P3K equipment, etc.

2. Two types of caves that provide different sensations when explored

There are two types of cave that Searchers explored the cave, the cave horizontal and vertical caves. Activities such as cave tours that had been Discussed was Also included in the activity of caving, caves are so spot-type horizontal cave tours are usually pretty easy to be explored by beginners. But many horizontal caves roomates have a high difficulty level, for example, a cave that has a narrow crevices or caves that have streams of water that needs to diving equipment may enter in.

3. To hang in altitude and only Entrust our safety on a rope in the dark

For Reviews those who have never tried the activity of caving, SRT term is certainly going to sound strange to the ear. Brief description MIGHT be like this, SRT or Single Rope Technique is a method or technique that is commonly used for up and down while doing activities outdoors by using only one strap only (assisted by other equipment of course). Not only in the activities of caving course, this technique IS ALSO Often used in outdoors activities such as canyoning, rock climbing, tree climbing, or for the needs of high-level building work.

The equipment required for SRT Although quite similar to rock climbing equipment, but the reality is far different. SRT set is comprised of a seat and chest harness, equipment ascender (to ride) as chest ascender or Croll and jummar, equipment descender (to go down) like the figure of eight, then there mailon rapide (MR), cows tail, foot loop, as well as equipment such groups kernmantle rope, ladder, padding, and a carabiner. For more information about SRT equipment please visit this page.

4. The animals were found in caves Often have a unique shape

With the characteristics of different habitats from the surface, plus a lack of sunlight, the natural landscape in the cave certainly is something different than an everyday sight we saw. Therefore, do not be surprised if when searching the cave, you meet strange animals with a unique and unusual.

5. Including one of the most extreme sport in the world

Sometimes, some of the caves can be a stream or river system underground, therefore the cave Searchers Often have to dive to continue to explore and map the entire cave system.

Diving in a cave (or better known as cave diving) is one of the activities outdoors are the most dangerous in the world. Lots of deadly risks that lurk cave divers Often, just look in the movie Sanctum, one death scene in the movie Occurs during the middle of a dive. In cave diving, the slightest mistake can be fatal and cause death, therefore, that Reviews These activities can not be done just anyone.

6. An important rule Caving

As with other outdoor activities, caving Also has important rules that must be obeyed by the caver worldwide. This rule more or less intended as an effort to preserve the natural conditions in the cave, Because The ecosystem in the cave environments are extremely sensitive to changes and disruptions brought about by the Searchers cave. Therefore, if you intend to try caving, first understand Reviews These rules:
1. Do not take anything except pictures
2. Do not leave anything except footprints
3. Do not kill anything except time

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